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When I’m in front of a white canvas I start with an idea, with an intention to say and transmit something through my work, but I have assumed that I only know how it is going to start, never how it is going to finish.

The work follows its own path … in the end, as Anatole France says “in art as in love, instinct is enough”.

Coqui is a passionate artist who plans her work with an idea, but lets instinct take her to the end.

She also allows herself to experiment with unique applications of her art as it is shown in her contribution to the tribute of the iconic Mah Jong Sofá.

Coqui Vera is a contemporary abstract artist, born in the city of Querétaro, Mexico. Involved in arts since she was a child, Coqui has sought her own aesthetic path, and for many years, painting has been both her work and her daily passion. 

She has presented several solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, the United States and Europe.

Although she lives in Querétaro, her work is on permanent exhibition at the Roche Bobois  store in The Galleria area of Houston, Texas.

Coqui defines her work as contemporary urban abstraction composed of organic forms in acrylic and oil. She has found her inspiration in the landscape and cultural essence of Mexico, the colors, customs and traditions nourish her art.

But she does not cling to anything and develops a unique method to create her work through experimenting with different techniques, tools, materials and textures.


“Each work is unique, my colors and textures  represent what gives meaning to my life”.



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